Learn Dutch while watching Netflix

Learn Dutch while watching Netflix

Trying to learn Dutch while watching Netflix, sounds fun, isn’t it? It is! Research has shown that learners can improve their Dutch language skills while watching a Dutch movie with subtitles. Learning Dutch words and remembering content is affected positively due to these subtitles. Further on pronunciation can be practiced based on subtitles. Netflix has about 140 Dutch movies.

So, I can start watching? No, wait, there is a little more to tell…

Netflix has a special tool for this. So, to improve your learning experience, you can install this tool. You need a Google chrome (!) browser for this. Go on Google chrome to https://languagelearningwithnetflix.com and install this tool.

You can search on this website for the language you study: Dutch. You always listen to Dutch and add Dutch subtitles. If only reading and listening Dutch is still a bit hard for you, you can add a secondary subtitle in a language you know very well.

In this tool you can do several things. You can choose whether the subtitles must be under or above the movie. You can jump to certain subtitles and learn the translation. Easily repeat a scene. Click on a specific word and see the translation and also listen to this specific Dutch pronunciation.

Now you can start watching and learning. Have fun!

I recently learned this while attending a webinar from Lukas Urbanek. Thanks for that Lukas and hopefully lots of learners will improve their Dutch by using this knowledge.

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