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Wanna learn Dutch? Apart from learning the language a lot of attention to cultural differences and personal circumstances. So you will feel free to start speaking Dutch!



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Package 1 'Individual Dutch course'

Learning the Dutch language on your own pace in a course completely tailored to your needs. You can choose for online lessons. The only thing you need is a good internet connection and you can learn from wherever you want. In the surrounding of your own house or whilst on the go. Face to face lessons are also an option when living in the surrounding of Zwolle. While learning a new language, new options open up for you! Do you want to feel free to design your new life? During this course you will not only work on your language skills but certainly also on all the cultural aspects that comes with it. There are a lot of options; digital tasks, intensive online contact for 1 or several times a week. 1 hour or up to 3 hours class per time. All guidance you need to built up your Dutch life. You will definitely make a big step forward in your Dutch language skills. Fully customized to your personal situation; your level and the reason you need the language for. Get it on!

Package 2 'Dutch group courses'

Do you feel like making a big step forward in your Dutch language skills? Like the fun of learning together? Then this is the training for you! You can choose for group courses of all levels from 0 to B2. For a period of 7 weeks 2 times weekly 2 hours online training. Very convenient as you don't have to step out of your house. Everything is done digital. Including lessons from a qualified teacher, e-learning and homework support.

Package 3 'Incompany training'

All kind of options for learning Dutch for employees within your company. Tailored to your specific needs. As an employer you know that by learning your employees Dutch they will feel more at ease in their new surroundings. That's exactly what they need to show their talents! Dutch lessons done by a qualified teacher with a lot of experience working in a big corporate with people from different cultural backgrounds. Apart form Dutch lessons there are also options for employees who may face some difficulties in setting down in the Netherlands and experiencing some 'troubles' with these 'strange Dutchies'? Learn to know how to handle things! Lessons fully customized to your personal situation. Everything to support you and your employees to live the full potential.

My Personal Story

Hello, my name is Nicole. I’d like to tell you my personal story. During my year in Nigeria I felt more than once a bit lost and misunderstood. The language was hard for me to understand and after a few months I also experienced the inevitable culture shock. I found my way out of all those things and learned how to cope with it.
As an expert by experience, NLP Master and qualified teacher Dutch as a second language, I love to support you in finding your way in a new culture, so there will be more mutual understanding; BETTER UNDERSTANDING.
I would love to meet you in person or online to talk about the challenges you are facing while being in the Netherlands. I will share my own experiences and give you some concrete guidance. I will give you tips and tricks reaching your goals in the Netherlands, the Dutch culture and language and even possibly the misunderstanding you are facing.
I believe the world needs more love and for me it all starts with better understanding. That’s why I love to help you achieving your goals.

Percent of the Dutch population has a foreign background


Weeks in your new country before a culture shock comes up


Countries around the world you can learn Dutch in University


Million bikes in The Netherlands

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