All about the use of ‘er’ in Dutch

All about the use of 'er' in Dutch

All about the use of ‘er’ in Dutch

All about the use of ‘er’ in Dutch.

What do you mean? Such a small word ‘er’. What can be difficult in the use of it?
Hmmm, I’ve seen many people struggle with it. That’s why I made this well structured pdf: all about the use of ‘er’ in Dutch.

Er zijn 5 manieren om ‘er’ te gebruiken
Not yet sure how to do this is? Here you learn all about ‘this specific word’. In case everything is already clear for you, then this can be used as a nice overview. Hereby all information to get you started. You will learn to speak in correct Dutch sentences.

Click here to open a pdf and start learning!

If you hesitate and aren’t sure or you can use a bit of support, just reach out to me. Through this form (click here) or LinkedIn (click here).

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Doe de pdf snel open!

Veel succes,

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