What do you think of personal development?

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What do you think of personal development?

Do you use this pandemic time to work on your personal development? How do you think about this?
I just finished my first workshop of this year. For myself, I mean!
I’m feeling completely energized and happy. It was useful, it made me feel more self-confident and it was fun. Have you already given yourself this treat?

I see personal development as very essential in my life
Already from a young age I always try to take a step further. Literally, when I was really young. I was lost quit often, my parents told me;-). Later I followed a lot of training; education on spiritual development, emotional intelligence and also gaining knowledge in general.

I want you to feel that sparkle after a lesson
Today I felt the way I want my students to feel, after a lesson by me. Of course, if you do a longer Dutch course, for multiple times a week, it might not always give you this sparkle. But I hope that it does most of the time. That’s why I make my lessons varied, interactive and personal.

I’m open to feedback
What if it doesn’t give you that sparkle? Please let me know. I am very open to feedback. Which is also a way of learning and personal development. Positive experiences while learning the Dutch language are also always welcome. A good way to know if I’m on the right track.

Lots of people use this lockdown to work on their skills
I read that research has shown lots of people use this lockdown period to work on their skills. That may also be your language skills. Learning the Dutch language for example.

Not only to learn, also to meet other people and to have a break
My students tell me it’s not only because of learning the language. Not only are they willing to do something that was already on their list. It’s much more than that. It’s a little change in this lockdown time. Meeting new people, even if it’s online. It’s a fun time. Lessons are going by so fast. Some say it’s a good break during their workday. It gives you energy. One of the employers I work with even told me that it feels like a getaway for her employees.

Are you ready for it?
Sounds good, isn’t it? If you like some support or want to reflect on this? Just reach out to me, click here or here. You’re more than welcome. New Dutch group courses are starting halfway February. I also have some spots left for individual or duo lessons.

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