Why Better Understanding?

Why Better Understanding?

Start with why

As Simon Sinek already said some years ago, start with why! Why do I want to do what I do? The world needs a little more love. How can we make that possible? Through a better understanding. Better understanding starts with language. Body language or a language we both understand. We also need to step back and see things from another perspective to get better understanding. If the two of us are from another cultural background we may not immediately see it, but there are definitely things we have in common. I love to support in that process.

By the time I lived in Nigeria I experienced it myself. People saw me as ‘Oyibo” (white) and reached out to me as different. I know what it is like to survive (cause that’s what it will sometimes feel like) in another country. In the office they sometimes had to laugh about things, and I didn’t get the joke. It makes you feel like an outsider. And then the inevitable culture shock. I experienced it all and I am more than ready to support you♥

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