What We Do

Different packages to support you to start up your life in the Netherlands. Lots of options for learning Dutch: online or face to face, individual or group courses and in company training. It’s up to you!
We always offer an individual session for free where we give you advice for your very own situation. We love to get to know each other and find out what suits you best. Book it immediately!

Package 1 ‘Individual Dutch course’

• Individual Skype/Zoom session for free to get to know each other
• Individual Skype/Zoom lessons from duration of your wish (starting from 45 minutes up to 3 hours) language and culture learning
• Specialized in helping those with fear of speaking Dutch
• Option for individual Skype coaching by an experienced coach for your personal development (if needed, in English)
• Individual tasks tailored to your individual needs, feedback on your assignments and learning material included
• Possibility to ask your questions in between sessions through Whattsapp
• Time and dates we agree together, also weekends and evenings are an option for the same price
• Possible even if you are not (yet) living in The Netherlands
• English is used as a supportive language

1 hour – 50 euro
10 hours – 450 euro
30 hours – 1275 euro
Most people with a higher education need about 30 hours to reach 1 level higher in their language skills.
Are you ready to reach your goals? Do reach out for your free lesson!

Package 2 ‘Dutch group courses’

• Individual Skype/Zoom session to get to know each other
• Group courses with lots of fun up to 4 or up to 6 persons
• Zoom lessons 2 times a week 2 hours by a certified Dutch teacher
• Possible for the following levels: 0-A1, A1-A2, A2-B1 and B1-B2
• Also specific conversation and refresh courses
• Tailored to your individual needs
• The flexibility to learn Dutch out of the comfort of your very own place or whilst on the go, it’s up to you
• Feedback on your assignments

Group course 7 weeks, 2 times 2 hours
Up to 4 persons: 445 euro per person
Up to 6 persons: 280 euro per person (just 10 euro per hour!)

It’s up to you. You decide how far you will go. Are you ready to reach your goals? Do reach out for your free lesson and starting dates!

Package 3 ‘Incompany training’

Lots of options for incompany training

• All levels; from start up to B2
• Qualified Dutch teacher
• Lots of experience with cultural diversity within companies
• Not only learning the Dutch language but also Dutch culture and all things practical in the Netherlands
• Focus on conversation skills as the best way to learn a language is to actually use it
• Fully customized to your personal situation

Reach out for more information!

Package 4 ‘Design your own course’

You can also easily create your own course! Every person is unique, so every person can choose it’s own favorite course!
You can choose from 45 minutes Dutch lesson per week up to all kind of different add-ons. Like advice on cultural differences, for example in your new work environment.

Start designing your own course immediately. Click the link to discover all possibilities and prices. It’s up to you. You decide how far you will reach. Are you ready to reach your goals? Design your own course and start making progression!